Emission of BC/OC

Establishment of BC/OC emissions inventory for northern China

  • BC/OC emission factors and activity levels
  • Base-year and future BC/OC emissions inventory updated
  • Emission data for modeling

Evaluate the effects of BC/OC  in northern China

  • Modeling for BC/OC, O3, NO2, CO, SO2, and PM using Oslo-CTM3
  • Models comparison and verification
  • Modeling under different future emission scenario
  • Global maps of radiative forcing
  • GWPs and GTPs for BC, OC, NOx, CO, SO2, and nmVOC
  • The ChiNorBC-project report of BC/OC emission inventories. This report mainly focuses on the the BC/OC emission inventories for northern China and estimation methodology in China and other countries. The ChiNorBC-project report of BC/OC emission inventories

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