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  • Output 1 Review of BC/ OC emissions and control measures in China and Norway

    An overview of climate change and air quality policies implemented in China and Norway and how these policies have affected black and organic carbon emissions (BC/OC). The report identifies gaps and needs, in addition to forming part of the basis for recommendations to improve policies in China with focus on maximizing the co-benefits for climate and air pollution.

  • Output 2 Review of BC/ OC emissions inventories

    An overview of existing emission inventories for black and organic carbon for China. It also reviews existing activity data and emission factors with a focus on two major BC-emitting sectors, namely Households and Mobile sources. In this way the report serves as a basis for developing the new BC and OC inventories in the ChiNorBC project.

  • Output 3 Review of impact assessment of BC/OC on air quality and climate change

    A literature survey and summary of the impact of BC/OC and other pollutants on climate change and air quality in recent years. Black carbon (BC) and organic carbon (OC) plays an important role in air quality and climate change in China, and high concentrations of carbon aerosols may exacerbate the severity of smog and increase the complexity of air pollution.

  • Output 4 Review of Human Health Effect Of Black Carbon In Air Pollution

    A comprehensive literature survey of short and long term exposure studies regarding health effects from BC exposure. In addition, the report gives an overview of the methodologies to identified studies using animal experiments and human clinical trials. The report gives a valuable conclusion showing that there is indeed evidence in literature linking BC with cardiorespiratory health effects, for both short- and long-term exposures.

  • Output 5 Review of Policies of China for the Control of Black and Organic Carbon

    An overview of the latest Chinese policy implementation progress up to 2020. Designing of BC/OC control scenarios towards 2035 as is one of the objectives in the ChiNorBC project. To review China’s policies on air pollution prevention and control, identify measures that have a positive effect on reduction of BC/OC emissions, and identify the shortcomings of existing measures in BC/OC control, provides a basis for the design of BC/OC control strategies.

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